My broken hand.


This summer and autumn I’ve spent a whole deal learning. Another winter season has begun and I’m doing something completely different. I broke my hand skateboarding the inside pool here in Helsinki just before the ski season kicked in properly. I’m not a great skater but I feel more eager to learn. Sitting by the wooden pool waiting for my turn, awing and admiring others who really have talent. All with their own distinct style, which is what makes skateboarding so true and raw. I feel like a beginner again, another sport which I suck at and that I guess is why I enjoy it so much. To be able to learn and feel myself develop every time I go and to look up and learn from others. It’s for sure been fun to find out something new again, haven’t had that feeling for awhile.

I’ve just spent a few days in Chamonix, meeting up with friends and taking care of some stuff, like getting my new skiboots fitted at the SOLE shop. (Without skiing because of my still healing hand). Being injured and focusing on other stuff like work, school and riding my boat, I’ve learned to enjoy other stuff in life. For me  it’s about finding a balance. And now after a quick visit down, I feel the itch again to get back on the shredd. Another few weeks, a bit later than usual, I hope to be back in my kind of winter. Patience is my lesson right now…

Also I like to mention a new sponsor, which I am real proud of: FIM investment banking. They support athletes in different disciplines, like alpine skiing etc. and now freeskiing. I think it shows how our sport’s become more and more recognized in the world. Which is kind of a natural progress, since well, skiing’s so much fun…








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