Small resorts

One of the great things about spending the winter here in Valais, Switzerland is the easy access I have to some of the small cozy ski resorts. The ones with only a few old lifts. The ones with a kind of home made feel about them, like the small resorts we have up in southern Finland, with these small wooden old-school cafeterias. The lift systems are maybe not the most advanced or comprehensive, but you still get a good deal of vertical, with interesting terrain and mostly no crowds.

So yesterday me and my friend Lauri thought to give Ovrannaz a try, a small resort close to Sion on the north side of the Rhone valley. We were hoping that they got more snow than us here in Verbier during the last little snow fall. So we drove over, Lauri arriving from Chamonix, first thing in the morning and headed up. It looked brown down in Sion but it got more snowy once we arrived higher up. When we got up we found most places to be really wind blown, but got to some good snow on the east faces. It was fun to explore a new place. Spotting lines from the lifts, hiking up and getting a few good soft flowy turns in.

Skiing towards a brown Sion

Lauri High-fiving the sky

This was actually pretty good

Hiking up.

Some small lines

The light at the end of the day.

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