IceLand episode I

Our Iceland trip was good and quite intense. We were to drive around the Island in two weeks and started of exploring the ski possibilities on the south coast and close to Reykjavik. The actual coast didn’t have much snow so we needed to go a bit inland to find the good stuff. I think the coolest thing was that we were pretty much the only skiers around. Driving around just looking at stuff to ski: “That’s a good looking shoot”, “uh, too rocky, let’s keep on driving”, “what about there, that looks like an easy to hike up to that couloir”-sort of stuff. To search for you own lines and ski them is what it’s all about.

Here’s episode I of Felix Heintz exploring Iceland. Starting of with the southern part of the island.

Explore Iceland: Part 1 from Felix Hentz on Vimeo.



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