February hymn

Last year I made a journey to British Colombia in Canada. I wanted to go there for years and now the possibility came along, and it was pretty awesome.

This episode is about my first experience of the skiing around Nelson, a town which lies in the Kootenays, the Eastern part of B.C. This was the first stop of my trip. The next day we had a chance to go up to Meadow Creek and the Selkirk Wilderness Skiing lodge, which is the oldest cat ski operator in the world. We headed out with my friend Ian Watson, filmer Anthony Bonello and Peter Velisek (who unfortunately couldn’t ski because of an injury which happened a week earlier). I was amazed with the size of the skiable area that is accessible with a snowcat. Throughout winter they’ve plowed roads through the forests and made paths up to the mountain peaks, so you could actually access and ski anything you liked, from tight rocky faces to deep trees. Tons of snow and no crowds, I wish I stayed for longer…

The next day we went up to the Whitewater ski resort, where some of the helmet cam footage is taken.

I left on this journey alone but I had some good friends helping me out. Thanks Ian, Peter and Anthony.

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