Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships 2011

In mid May, I went up to northern Sweden to participate in the Scandinavian big mountain championships again. It’s one of the oldest freeride competitions and the level of skiing is really high. Three days of intense competing, after which they throw a big party which marks the end of the season for many.

The first day was a qualifying day, something like 140 riders (of which nearly 90 in of male skiers) of which about 40 % go on to the finals. I took a solid line which I felt comfortable with and went on to the next day.

On the second day I was quite nervous, the conditions where hard and icy and I hesitated how to make my turns to smoothly jump a small cliff in the middle of the venue.

On the third and final day, I felt like all tension was gone. I wasn’t really nervous and could focus on my line without any hesitation. That felt really good, and I hope to get into that state more often.

Here’s a video made by Mikko Jaakkola from the event. It shows all the finnish participants who entered the comp. Thanks guys it was hellofalotoffun.



SBMC 2011 from Mikko J on Vimeo.












Skis on the rack


















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