Some things I thought about in summer

So I didn’t go skiing this summer, which I guess isn’t a great surprise since it is – well summer. Anyway some friends went off to spend time in South America and New Zealand following the year round snow. I stayed home working and doing other stuff and was kind of envious. But, it turned out to be good, I enjoyed the summer heat and got interested in other stuff and in the end maybe I learnt something I wouldn’t have in case I’d gone.


One of the things I’ve been doing more is skateboarding, (I skated at times as a teenager) wanting to learn to ride the mini (Although very hard and painful, yet ah so addictive). And seeing some really talented people, I have started to think of skateboarding in its most raw form as a reflection of a persons style, like a mirror to how one acts, the own values and how one sees the environment around. Style doesn’t only represent what your talent is in skateboarding, but it shows personality too. Seeing this I immediately wanted to think of how I see this style relation in freeride skiing (not talking about parkriding, where difference in style is evident). And the way I see it, skiing doesn’t seem to have so much “variation” in style. It’s so much about the “correct” technique, how to perfect a turn and all that, and the extra – call it – fun factor, which stands out in each individual is hidden away.


There are of course exceptions and what I enjoy watching in skiing is friends with peculiar styles, styles that stand out, who see things a bit differently from the others. You can do things “technically right”, ski the line in a rational way, jump the cliff at the obvious point and so on, but it’s not just that interesting. While the chase for the “hardest line”, biggest air and most complex trick is what is strived for, style is secondary and it shows. Who is the best skier.. who cares, well who then has the best style.. who cares about that either. What matters is the variety of styles and that, makes everything so much more interesting.


And why do I feel so strongly about this subject of personal style? I guess there is one explanation, my own personal lack of it… Last week I finally got back on my skis but in a wetsuit, to session the new waterramp they built in Jyväskylä. I want to try to open up more dimensions into my skiing, (since doing tricks of kickers has always been to me a sort of “stick to what you know” kind of thing) thus developing my own personal style. Thanks guys for the tricktips and a great session.


Well summer’s over and I’m heading back to the land of the baguette and home of the… erhm.. french, see you when you get there.








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    Melli 11.10.2011

    coolt hoppställe!
    Tycker det är så härligt då du hittat din väg, du får se helt fantastiska platser! Ha en bra vinter !

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    Peter 11.10.2011

    Oh yes, style should be emphasized much more, even in competitions, but how is the big Q… Always been a fan of quality – before quantity -almost in any sport;)

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