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The Goat Cheese episode

Autumn and not that much snow down in the valley. Pete Velisek is visiting me from Canada for a few days, on his Europe trip. And we figure it’s a good time to go for a hike and at the same time check out some lines for the upcoming winter.

what not to do.

Skiing down a steep face is actually quite amazing. No cliffs, no features just steep and wide, kind of feels effortless, like flying.

Here I got a bit carried away in the moment. This is a good example what not to do, getting caught in my own sluff. I had my exit point, which I scoped from below, to the skiers right of the bergschrund and was focusing on drifting my turns in that direction. So even if it wasn’t all that deep, the sluff caught up to me. I managed the sluff but buckled out on the surprisingly-wet-snow landing of the bergschrund, tired legs, loads of heavy shit in my backpack, yeah it was a bit too much fun.

This is from last spring from my edit I made from our tour up to Col Du Diable.

February hymn

Last year I made a journey to British Colombia in Canada. I wanted to go there for years and now the possibility came along, and it was pretty awesome.

This episode is about my first experience of the skiing around Nelson, a town which lies in the Kootenays, the Eastern part of B.C. This was the first stop of my trip. The next day we had a chance to go up to Meadow Creek and the Selkirk Wilderness Skiing lodge, which is the oldest cat ski operator in the world. We headed out with my friend Ian Watson, filmer Anthony Bonello and Peter Velisek (who unfortunately couldn’t ski because of an injury which happened a week earlier). I was amazed with the size of the skiable area that is accessible with a snowcat. Throughout winter they’ve plowed roads through the forests and made paths up to the mountain peaks, so you could actually access and ski anything you liked, from tight rocky faces to deep trees. Tons of snow and no crowds, I wish I stayed for longer…

The next day we went up to the Whitewater ski resort, where some of the helmet cam footage is taken.

I left on this journey alone but I had some good friends helping me out. Thanks Ian, Peter and Anthony.

Edits from online

Here’s some edits made by Kim Öhman, which we filmed last season. From Italy to Iceland.





Paul Siljama Islannissa from on Vimeo.


Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships 2011

In mid May, I went up to northern Sweden to participate in the Scandinavian big mountain championships again. It’s one of the oldest freeride competitions and the level of skiing is really high. Three days of intense competing, after which they throw a big party which marks the end of the season for many.

The first day was a qualifying day, something like 140 riders (of which nearly 90 in of male skiers) of which about 40 % go on to the finals. I took a solid line which I felt comfortable with and went on to the next day.

On the second day I was quite nervous, the conditions where hard and icy and I hesitated how to make my turns to smoothly jump a small cliff in the middle of the venue.

On the third and final day, I felt like all tension was gone. I wasn’t really nervous and could focus on my line without any hesitation. That felt really good, and I hope to get into that state more often.

Here’s a video made by Mikko Jaakkola from the event. It shows all the finnish participants who entered the comp. Thanks guys it was hellofalotoffun.



SBMC 2011 from Mikko J on Vimeo.












Skis on the rack


















A day on the mountain

Here’s a video I made from a line that we skied with my friend Kelso and Nico. Getting good snow is hard this year, but it’s still fun and steep.


Easy touring at the col du Forclaz

A small edit I made from a tour with my girlfriend up at col du Forclaz.


Past hiutale projects online

In the summer of 2009 Jan-Erik Blomberg, aka Blumi and myself were on a trip to the Argentinean winter. We filmed a lot both in Bariloche and Las Lenas and had a blast travelling around the country and getting to know Argentinean culture. The purpose was to make an episode for Hiutale, the hit freeski tv-show which been going on now for over six years. Now the episodes are online (unfortunately only in Finish for now) (Our Argentina trip was made possible with the help of Air France):

the Virne

Finnish ski movie Virne 2009, by Matti Möttönen, in which I have a few segments.


VIRNE from Matti Mottonen on Vimeo.

Chamonix may skiing

End of the season was supergood from the aiguille du Midi lift. The video is from the far lookers left of the North Face of the Midi: Col du Plan. The next day we could ski the Eugster line starting of from the top of the station and drops down to the left couloir after the hanging glacier and rock section underneath the cable car.